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Alaska is a fishing destination with boundless opportunities for the traveling angler, it is notoriously popular with fly fishing travelers for a good reason, often a dream destination for many, and one to which those who have fished Alaska before, desire to return.

Alaska Rainbow Adventures offers you the traveling angler multi-day odysseys in Alaska's Bristol Bay, and Southwestern regions for trophy Rainbow Trout, all five species of Pacific Salmon, Arctic Char, Grayling, Dolly Varden, and more, and all on the most epic of Alaska's float fishing waters.

Our multi-day Alaska float fishing trips have become the benchmark by which other operators are measured and according to our guests, none come close to matching our Alaska programs! With the most comfortable camps, exceptional meals, and attention to detail all while being led by some of the finest people you could hope to meet let alone be guided by on a wilderness river in Alaska, you have all the ingredients for an Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime.

These are just some of the qualities that keep our guests coming back year after year, there is also of course the great fishing.

If you are interested in traveling and fishing Alaska in 2022 with us, we cannot stress enough the importance of booking your trip sooner then later. I invite you to contact us and let us show you why Alaska Rainbow Adventures is the most experienced outfitter you can utilize when visiting the 49th state!

Paul Hansen / Owner - Alaska Rainbow Adventures

The Alaska fishing season is relatively short. It revolves around the life cycle of the five species of Pacific salmon, which arrive in Alaska's rivers not only at different times but at periods that can vary from watershed to watershed.

This availability of the salmon, and whether they are pre-spawn, actively spawning, or post-spawn can strongly influence the behavior of resident species, the rainbow trout, grayling, and char, and their availability to anglers as they follow the life dance of the salmon.

This very availability and what the salmon are doing goes far to explain how a particular week one season can offer average fishing, yet the same week the next year or even week can be epic.

No matter when you are here, we will put you on the best fishing holes, one after another, all day long as you present your hook to fish from one of our custom built inflatables or while wading, and while doing so experience the whole of the rivers we float, rather than just a few miles from a lodge.

So, which trip is right for you? Just ask, and we will use our years of experience to help select the trip that best fits your group's interests and desires.

01. best Waters

Alaska Rainbow Adventures has permits for Alaska's most epic float fishing waters such as the Alagnak, Kanektok, Togiak and our number one offering the Goodnews river in SW Alaska as well as other waters around the Bristol Bay and Soutwestern Alaska regions.

02. Best Dates

Alaska Rainbow Adventures was selected by the USFWS as the number one operator of float fishing trips on the Goodnews river and this allows us to offer the best start dates of any operator.

03. Most Experience

2022 will be our 30th season of operations in Alaska, few can claim as much experience!

The Waters!

Alaska is brimming with a profusion of rivers, streams and creeks that are perfect for an Alaska fly fishing float trip, and these are by and large packed with a wide range of freshwater species that anglers from all over the globe come here to pursue.

However, nothing other than actually being here begins to do the Alaska float trip experience justice, no matter how many photos, stories or web sites you have checked out, being here is so much more!

Here are some of the more popular of these "Epic" Alaska float fishing trip waters that we can take you to.

* Denotes regularly scheduled trips all others by request - Call for more information.

  • Alagnak
  • American
  • Aniak
  • Arolik
  • Chilikadrotna
  • Goodnews*
  • Kanektok*
  • King Salmon
  • Koktuli
  • Kwethluk
  • Moraine
  • Stuyahok
  • Talachulitna
  • Togiak

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