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The Arolik River

Arolik River Alaska Flyfishing float trip
Southwest Alaska
Intimate Rivers Style Program Only

2022 Rates:
$6,295.00pp Eight Days
$6,895.00pp Ten Days

The Arolik River, is a fly-anglers paradise, this pristine Southwestern Alaska waterway is prolific in how it fishes, intimate in size and manages to maintain that quality along it's entirety all while offering you the traveling angler an above exceptional float fishing and wading experience.

  • 8 to 10 days / 45 Miles / July - September
  • 3 Guides / 6 Guests Max
  • Intimate Rivers Style Only

The fishing season on the Arolik kicks off in early June as anglers target the region's heavily spotted leopard rainbow trout. Soon after sizable numbers of king salmon enter the river, and as the largest of the Pacific salmon an angler tying into one of these behemoth's within the confines of the diminutive Arolik is in for quite the battle and reason enough to plan a visit to southwest Alaska!

Up next, it's chum and sockeye salmon along with innumerable Dolly Varden char, and if you are lucky enough to be here as July fades into August, you may find yourself attempting to hook into all five Pacific Salmon species, grayling, rainbows, and char all in one trip for this is when dime bright silver salmon first enter the Arolik and make themselves available to anglers well into September which of course is also a prime time for rainbow trout, that are now fat and sassy after a summer of plenty!

One should note that as with most strains of rainbow trout in Alaska a mid to upper twenty inch fish is likely to be ten or more years of age and the Arolik's beautifully spotted rainbow trout are no exception, they also share a love of eating mouse-like rodents or voles, so be sure to include a few durable mouse patterns in your fly boxes such as the Moorish mouse. Action for these rodent-eating aerialists can be fast at times however these rainbows are anything but predictable. Much like on any watershed in Alaska, these rainbows move around a lot and can be found where there is food, and finding where that is, can vary week to week so don't expect easy pickings, that my friend is what the dolly varden are for!

Our Aroilk river float trips begin in Bethel Alaska with a flight to Aniak lake.

Plan to arrive in Bethel the evening before your trips start date and just in case, it's also best to leave a little wiggle room on the other end of your trip as well and plan on departing from Bethel the day after your trips end date. Bethel is served by 737 jet service from Anchorage by Alaska Airlines.

Upon booking additional information about your trip will be sent to you including where to stay in Bethel and any further relevant information.