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Moraine Creek

Fiesty Moraine Creek rainbow trout
Bristol Bay Region
Fisherman's Standard Style Trip

2022 Rates:
Fisherman's Standard $4895.00 Five Days per person ~ double occupancy or $5295.00 Seven Day per person ~ double occupancy
Includes Transportation to and from Moraine Creek out of King Salmon, Alaska.

Moraine Creek is located 220 miles southwest of Anchorage in the Katmai National Preserve, and accessed from King Salmon, Alaska.

  • August 13 to 19, 2022
  • August 21 to 27, 2022
  • 6 Guests /  3 Guides
  • Other Dates May Be Available / Put a group together and contact us!

The Moraine

The Moraine may one of the more heavily fished streams in the Bristol Bay region, be it by anglers flying in for the day from area lodges or by the other locals, Alaska's magnificent brown bears! But neither should keep you from considering fishing the Moraine as they are here for a reason, the sockeye salmon that have come here to spawn and the abundant numbers of rainbows that follow them. Angler success is high here and for the adventurer Moraine Creek is among the best locations to view, photograph and admire Alaska's Brown Bear in their natural habitat and you will likely catch more than a few fish along the way!

All of this is enhanced by being on a float trip which puts you and your fellow angler's on the water before and after the planes from the lodges have come and gone for the day, in doing so you will get to fish the Moraine and see it for what it truly is, a small wilderness stream far from any roads that fishes exceptionally well and which at times you will find nearly abandoned but for you and your fellow anglers. While you never really know what you will get as far as the number of other people you may see on the Moraine, you can be assured of the opportunity to cast a line to many trophy rainbow trout and perhaps even that fish of a lifetime.


Tim McGinn

Moraine Creek

Hi. Paul,

This is Tim McGinn, one of the group of four that fished Moraine Creek with your outfit. I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful trip for us. I have been on many guided trips in Alaska for hunting and fishing. This was by far the most incredible trip I have been on. The organization from the first step onto our float plane from King Salmon to our stepping off our float plane on our return flight was nothing less than spectacular. The organization was very impressive, the beautiful camps we had along the float were nothing less than awesome. The food was very good, fantastic breakfasts, lunches were great but the dinners were to die for.

We fished for the big Rainbows but also caught many Sockeye Salmon, sometimes by accident. For me the most spectacular part of the trip was the bears, WOW. After the third day I mostly spent my time photographing the Grizzlies. I watched them for hours every day, taking over 2000 photos. Some of the photos of them are just incredible not to mention the great photo opportunities for Bald Eagles.

But I have to say that the greatest part of the trip was the awesome guides we had. Grant and Jeff were beyond wonderful, we will be friends forever. I could go on and on, it was definitely a trip of a lifetime, that’s for sure!

Thank You Paul,

Tim McGinn

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Our Moraine Creek float trips start and end in the Alaska Peninsula town of King Salmon

King Salmon is serviced with regularly scheduled flights operated by Alaska Airlines out of Anchorage. At this time due to thier flight schedule we recommend arriving the day before your trip and overnighting so that you will be available to fly out to the Moraine as soon as the air taxi is available the next day. It may also be necessary to overnight at the end of your trip to the Moraine due to the scheduled time for return flights to Anchorage from King Salmon.

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