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Togiak River AlaskaThe Togiak River in many ways epitomizes the Fishing Fantasy so many Anglers envision when they think of Alaska. Crystal clear water flowing silkily over a round cobbled gravel beds, teaming with almost every species of fish known to inhabit this awesome land, and winding it's way through miles and miles of soaring, jagged mountains. Completely isolated, with only the gurgling of the river, the breeze in the foliage, and the cries of loons, eagles, hawks and seabirds to provide the soundtrack to a fishing excursion unrivaled in North America.

The Togiak River ...

meanders it's way towards the Bering Sea Coast from our put in location at it's headwaters on Togiak Lake, it passes a number of tributaries which offer phenomenal fishing, and jaw dropping campsite vistas. Togiak River AlaskaIt is not uncommon to sit around a roaring fire in the evening, recalling the days fishing and wildlife viewing, whilst the moon rises from behind the surrounding peaks and a chorus of wolves and owls compete for that "Oh, WOW" moment that will last a lifetime. 

Of course, all of this sounds idyllic, we haven't even discussed the fishing to be had here!

The Togiak boasts a large biomass of fish ranging from Dolly Varden/Arctic Char by the thousands, Arctic Grayling that resemble a taxidermists wet dream, to Rainbow Trout that have maxed out in the 32"+ range, and did we mention the Coho (silver) Salmon runs? Togiak Rver Coho, Silver SalmonSilvers so thick and feisty that you may find yourself back home weeks later asking your physician if he has a way to treat Coho Elbow. These fish don't have far to travel from the sea, and aren't fighting a heavy current, so when they strike a fly they have energy to spare, and they will take it out on the angler with a vengeance. Complimenting the Coho Run, the Togiak also offers King Salmon as well as Sockeye Salmon runs that are very difficult to beat anywhere.

Other Epic Alaska Waters ...

We only offer our "Fisherman's Standard Style of Trip" on the Togiak river due to permit stipulations that only allow the use of two boats and guides with up to six guests on the Togiak river. The USFWS says this is order to preserve the overall wilderness experience for all visitors to this special Alaskan river. Trips on the Togiak river start from Dillingham, Alaska.