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A Few WordsAbout Our Standard Fishing Program

Our Fisherman's Standard style trip program upgrades your experience and comfort level over our Intimate rivers program and is available on select waters.

This trip is part of our "Alaska Lodge Style Float Trips" because the "accommodations" are like no other you will find on an Alaska float trip anywhere!

Each of these tents is used to house two anglers and is spacious enough to provide ample space for your gear, as well as being a comfortable retreat should the weather become inclement.

We equip these tents with chairs and comfortable cots, a welcome luxury after a day of fishing, just toss on "your pad and bag" and enjoy a good night's sleep.

Our "Alaska Lodge Style Float Trips" also feature a custom-built dining tent and screened areas, both are capable of holding the entire group for dining or as a gathering area. Tents on these trips are all made in Alaska for it's extreme conditions

Our "Standard" trips feature fourteen-foot rafts from some of the largest producers of whitewater craft in America to get you safely down the river. Each raft comes equipped with a custom rowing frame and a pair of high back seats located in the front section of the rafts with gear and bags in the stern.

All of our Fisherman's Standard style trips will feature a 2-1 guest to guide ratio and require some participation and group effort. Your participation with unloading the rafts, moving camp gear, setting up and taking down sleep tents is greatly appreciated. Each day anglers will be able to rotate guides enabling everyone to fish with each member of the staff if desired.

Our Fisherman's Standard style trip is offered on select waters. Please check the web page for the water you are interested in for availability.