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Alagnak River, Bristol Bay

It's the start of July "prime time" for fishing under the Midnight Sun, and more importantly, it is the peak of the Sockeye Salmon run, and there is no place better to be during this time than in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska, floating and fishing the World Famous Alagnak River with Alaska Rainbow Adventures!!

Some 70 Million sockeye salmon are predicted to return to the Bristol Bay region in 2022, the Alagnak itself gets a significant share! The Sockeye Salmon, however, are not alone, the Alagnak is a river teeming with multiple species of salmon, trout, and other species as well as a diverse variety of wildlife that very few people ever experience unless they get out and go!

Sockeye, or Red, Salmon are the backbone of the Bristol Bay regions Salmon Fishery, these six to ten pound on average fish are arguably the tastiest of the five species of Salmon. They arrive during the height of Summer and run in schools swimming nose to tail, and the entire length of the river in mind-boggling numbers, right at your feet.

If you want to see and experience the Wilderness Alaska of 50 years ago, with the comforts of today's modern gear and equipment, then the annual Alaska Rainbow Adventures Sockeyefest is not to be missed.

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Alagnak River Information

Alagnak River Alaska Float Fishing Trip

It's Sockeyefest, and life doesn't get any better!

2022 Dates: 2 July to 8 July or 10 July to 16 July, 2022

1 Review

Jolynne H

Sockeyefest on the Alagnak River, in July!

Write that down on your list of things to do! Our guides were Mike, Andrea, and Dac. I found them to be professional, entertaining, accommodating, and experts in consistently putting us on fish.

As is the case with remote float trips, there is a never-ending list of chores that need to be accomplished. All of the work that comes with taking three De Havilland Beaver-loads of people and gear down a 50-mile river, while camping in comfort and eating in style the whole time.

The optimal timing for the Sockeye-Fest adventure is in early July and the conditions could not have been more perfect. Fishing on Day One, from the lake outlet, was focused primarily on wild rainbow trout (lots of them), and the pleasant results were reflected by my flies, chewed down to nothing but hooks with a few trailing threads. On Day Two, as we floated past into the upper Alagnak, the sockeye invasion began. Our group landed hundreds of fish, all of which were carefully returned to the river, with a select few being delicately released in beer batter and hot oil.

The "Fest" was ON and there was hardly a time over the next six days that one (or two, or three) of us did not have a fish on the line. I continued to land a few big hard-fighting rainbows and grayling, amid the onslaught of hundreds of thousands of sockeye. For variety, I pulled out my Spey rod for big water casting, although the sockeye were usually just a few feet off the bank. The camaraderie shared by guests and guides seated around the table eating hot dinner following an exhausting day of fish catching is just the best thing.

One thing I love about the float trips with Alaska Rainbow Adventures, that keeps me coming back, is the amount of time spent fishing. I sincerely wish to want to thank Alaska Rainbow Adventures owner Paul Hansen and guides Mike, Andrea, and Dac for this incredible experience

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