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Early Season Rainbows ~ Alagnak River ~ Bristol Bay, Alaska

Within the crystal-clear waters of the Alagnak River, there are innumerable numbers of heavily spotted predatory leopard rainbow trout that at the start of the Alaska sport fishing season in the Bristol Bay region are actively pursuing and feeding upon the millions of salmon smolt available in the Alagnak. These are the offspring of some of the most prolific runs of salmon in Alaska for which the Alagnak is famous, those King, Coho, and Sockeye salmon fry that spent enough time in the river system to mature to the point where they are now ready for the next step in their life cycle, time in the ocean and it's on this journey out-migrating from the headwaters lakes of the Alagnak river downstream to Bristol Bay and beyond that hungry rainbows attack these schools following them from the lakes to the sea!

It's at this time you can find yourself on these fabled waters casting to schools of salmon smolt that boil as hungry rainbows slash into them in a feeding frenzy that happens just once each year. These are the fish that, in the blink of an eye, can have you well into your backing, all while having you wearing one of the largest of grins possible as you realize this is what you waited for throughout the long days of winter.

Experience this annual event with us, and fish as much as you dare, for with almost twenty-four hours of daylight in June, you may find yourself asking, is that 4 am or pm? Whatever the hour, we are always there on the river, which means that you can fish as much as you desire. There is no having to run back to the lodge for happy hour or the night as our happy hours take place right there riverside, where we camp, so go fishing!

We float five to six hours per day, stopping to wade fishable waters along the way as well as for lunch. While experiencing the Alagnak for a week, we also try to include the occasional two-day camp. Two-day camps are unscheduled and depend on what is happening with the fishing on the river and may vary from week to week.

With three decades of experience behind them, our Alaska Fishing Program on the Alagnak is for those of you whose days of tent camping in little tents and sleeping on the ground are behind you. They feature amenities that ensure you a safe and comfortable Alaska experience, and of course, the fishing is exceptional!

Sightings of Eagles, Moose, and Bears along with other wildlife are not unusual along the Alagnak so bringing a good camera with a telephoto lens is a good idea as well and this adds another aspect to your trip to the Alagnak which is designated a national wild river.

We offer a pair of Spring Rainbow Trout trips during the month of June before the salmon arrive in mass to the Alagnak River at the end of the month just before our Sockeyefest trips kick-off. The dates for 2022 are June 11 to 17 and 19 to 25, call us at the office at 907-357-0251 for more information and to book your trip with us.

All trips have Limited Availability and are booked on a first come first served basis - Call Now 1-907-357-0251

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