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An Anglers Shangri-la

In Southwest Alaska, over 1,500 miles of float fishing waters lie within the drainage's of the major river systems in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge These rivers are each in their own right "destination waters" for anglers in the know, but often we meet fellow fishers both men and women that have yet to hear of, let alone experience and fish this Anglers Shangri-la in Southwest Alaska! Yes, there is prolific fishing to be had here and it is to these very waters that millions of salmon return each year and in doing so provide you the angler not only a myriad of opportunities to test your mettle against any if not all of the five species of Pacific salmon, but also colorful and feisty Arctic Char and Dolly Varden as well as some of the most beautiful trophy rainbow trout in the world! These rivers make up an Anglers Shangri-La in Southwest Alaska and Alaska Rainbow Adventures has exclusive permits granting you access to them all!

#1 The Togiak River - Peaceful, Easy Fishing.

The Togiak River in many ways epitomizes the Fishing Fantasy so many Anglers envision when they think of Alaska. Crystal clear water flowing silkily over round cobbled gravel beds, teaming with almost every species of fish known to inhabit this awesome land, and winding its way through miles and miles of soaring, jagged mountains. Completely isolated, with only the gurgling of the river, the breeze in the foliage, and the cries of loons, eagles, hawks, and seabirds to provide the soundtrack to a fishing excursion unrivaled in North America. As the Togiak River meanders its way towards the Bering Sea Coast from our put-in location at its headwaters on Togiak Lake, it passes several tributaries which offer phenomenal fishing and jaw-dropping campsite vistas. It is not uncommon to sit around a roaring fire in the evening, recalling the days of fishing and wildlife viewing, whilst the moon rises from behind the surrounding peaks and a chorus of wolves and owls compete for that "Oh, WOW" moment that will last a lifetime. Of course, all of this sounds idyllic, and we haven't even discussed the fishing to be had here! The Togiak boasts a large biomass of fish ranging from Dolly Varden/Arctic Char by the thousands, Arctic Grayling that resemble a taxidermist's wet dream, to Rainbow Trout that have maxed out in the 32"+ range, and did we mention the Coho (silver) salmon runs? Togiak Float Fishing Trip Coho Silver Salmon Alaska Fly FishingSilvers so thick and feisty that you may find yourself back home weeks later asking your physician if he has a way to treat Coho Elbow. These fish don't have far to travel from the sea and aren't fighting a heavy current, so when they strike a fly they have the energy to spare, and they will take it out on the angler with a vengeance. Complimenting the Coho Run, the Togiak also offers King Salmon as well as Sockeye Salmon runs that are very difficult to beat anywhere.

#2 The Goodnews River - Two great alternatives in one river

If ever there was a time and a place where the piscatorial stars align and shine on any one place in Alaska it would be on the Goodnews River, in Western Alaska. During this phenomenal period of time the river fishes in such a way that not only will an angler damned near wear out their arm from battling a diverse palette of fish, you will also discover that your cheeks hurt due to an extreme case of perma-grin! In late June with the arrival of the Chinook, the Kings of the salmon fraternity, there are already a healthy and ample number of Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, and the occasional Northern Pike available, these are followed up by Sockeye, Chum and Pink Salmon which are soon to come. In Mid July, the Goodnews also sees an influx of Arctic Char/Dolly Varden (affectionately referred to as “Charlies!) later in the month Coho (Silver) Salmon appear in epic numbers. In the gin-clear waters of the Goodnews it is common to see a literal biomass of fish that span the channel from bank to bank, and nose to tail as they move upriver from Bristol Bay and the Bering Sea. The “Goodnews Grand-slam” occurs frequently during the end of July early August time frame, and it is a rarity, even by Alaskan Fishing Standards. In a week spent floating, camping, and living along a river surrounded by jagged and awe-inspiring mountain vistas, our Guests have a very real potential of bringing to hand all five species of Pacific Salmon, as well as the aforementioned resident species. As the days of August wane and September approaches, the early arriving species of salmon diminish as they spawn and return to the river as nutrients for future generations of fish. In their place the Silvers and Char/Dolly's pack the river in numbers that defy even the best “Fish Stories”. There is nothing like standing along the bank, as dinner is prepared in our customized dining tent, and watching a 15 pound Coho tail-walk across the channel on the end of your line, only to be repeated on darn near every subsequent cast. All of this occurs as we meander down this aquatic gem of a watershed in the comfort of our 14' rafts with customized frames, and camp each night in the luxury of our 10'x10' Arctic Oven Wall Tents, that sleep 2 clients per tent, on comfortable cots. Each day becomes a euphoric progression of hearty meals, amazing fishing, wildlife viewing, solitude, and the camaraderie of driftwood fires and the reliving of the day's events. If you enjoyed yourself, the Goodnews sports two forks that we offer float trips on only joining when they reach tidewater near Goodnews Bay, so in essence, these are two different trips, something to discuss with your fishing buddies for that return trip the following year! The Goodnews, It is a veritable Never Never Land for the Fly Fishing Peter Pan in all of us, and all you need are your Happy Thoughts and a confirmed reservation.

#3 The Kanektok River - Can one float ninety miles and just fish a mouse?

Flowing some ninety miles from Kagati and Pegati Lakes to the Village of Quinhagak on the Bering Sea Coastline, the Kanektok River has long been known among Trout Aficionados as the top destination for the much-acclaimed Alaskan Leopard Rainbow Trout, the Kanektok has the distinction of being on the bucket list of many Anglers, which speaks volumes as to its reputation. Given the length of the float, the vistas and sights, numerous channels and braids, as well as the availability of sterling campsites, no two trips down this river are the same. Like its sister rivers, the Kanektok possesses monster runs of sea-run Dolly Varden/Arctic Char as well as superfluous Arctic Grayling in the 18"-22" range. Also renowned for amazing runs of Coho (Silver) Salmon, and if you time it right, jaw-dropping availability of Chinook (King) Salmon and non-stop Sockeye Salmon action. The Kanektok is renowned for its prime "Mousing" water, and it is no secret that many anglers have spent near the entire ninety miles using some version of this pattern to bring large Rainbows and Char to hand, at times cast after cast. fly fishing Alaska Grayling Float Trip fishing Alaska The Kanektok is one of Alaska’s most productive and diverse fisheries, intimate and small for the first few days, fishing well for the species that frequent this section of the river then becoming braided offering idyllic and wadeable rainbow water after which you reach the lower thirty or so miles of perfect salmon water, truly an Epic Alaskan wilderness fishing experience. The multitude of campsite options predicates that the fishing from each evening's camp will be more than memorable, and quite likely will result in much rollicking around the fire that night, rehashing the Fish Tales with the opportunity to create more, within a few steps of the campfire.

#4 The Arolik River - One of the most fly fish-able float trip waters in Alaska!

The Arolik River is remote, diminutive in size, especially at the start, abundant, and beautiful as it flows forty-five miles through the tundra of far Southwest Alaska, and while it is best known for the world-class Rainbow that lurk in its waters, the Chinook/king salmon fishing can be outstanding. We are talking large fish, straight off the tide, and resting in pools more akin to those you might find on a small trout stream will provide a battle like no other salmon fishing experience you are likely to have encountered. Arolik Rainbow Trout Alaska Fly Fishing Float TripsThe King Salmon run however only kicks off the fishing for salmon as you can find them all here, it is even possible if you time it right to hook into all five species of pacific salmon, dolly varden, grayling and the Arolik's spectacularly spotted leopard rainbows on one trip! The season culminates each year in mid-September with the Rainbow fishing reaching its peak and the end of the river's epic Silver Salmon run.

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