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Trip Review ~ Arolik River

Phil MD and Patrick 2nd Lt AF.

We like to wade fish and float trout streams in

Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, but had yet to make it to Alaska.  Accompanied by a deep hearty laugh Paul Hansen of Alaska Rainbow Adventures told us he had just the trip for us.  Fast forward to July 2018 and after flights to Anchorage and then Bethel, we loaded into the float plane and headed on to our adventure.

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fly fishing float trip Arolik riverLanding in what looked to us like a high alpine Colorado lake, we were in the Alaska tundra camping and ready to shove off on our 8-day 7-night adventure down the wilderness trout stream. We had to upsized our outfits to 8 wt and 10 wt rods and over the next week, we were not disappointed.

As the meandering river gained volume not only are the resident leopard trout fair game but the ocean run Dolly Varden and salmon appear out of nowhere. We didn't know when to stop fishing given the long daylight hours. The accommodations were superb, with the rafts, camp set up and meals first class.

Outfitter Paul Hansen and longtime Alaska hunting and fishing guide Rick got us on nine different types of trout, salmon, and Grayling. We primarily streamer fished but we also tried our hand at skipping mice patterns on the surface (the most fun you will ever have with a fly rod) and even tossed the occasional nymph rig.
Bald Eagle Ariolik River, Alaska
Our primary wildlife companions were bald eagles. We had to pinch ourselves every day to make sure it wasn't a dream. We took many fine photos and footage of large trout and salmon trophies that are ridiculous to catch on a fly rod. We will be back when the stars align again.

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