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Trip Review ~ Goodnews River

Jeff C.

Fishing in Alaska has been on my bucket list for a long time

Float fishing trip Goodnews River AlaskaSo I had very high expectations for my first ever trip to Alaska.

Alaska Rainbow Adventures not only checked this item off that list, it exceeded all my expectations! From the moment I arrived in Bethel until I left there 10 days later, the trip was truly outstanding.

I came for the fishing, which was phenomenal, but was treated to so much more thanks to our guides, Mike and Dac. They were supremely courteous and professional, and very, very good at what they do...but what they did was so much more than just putting us on the fish.

Working 14 hour days, every day, is tough enough. But when you consider ALL that they do during those 14 hours, that's when you start to get an appreciation for the magnitude of their efforts.

Making breakfast, breaking down camp, loading the rafts, guiding/rowing the rafts safely down the river, always positioning the boat properly to maximize the fishing, netting the fish (we caught hundreds of fish), finding suitable campsites, unloading the rafts, setting up camp, cooking dinner, cleaning dishes, building fires, making lunch for the next day, not to mention being responsible for our safety and security for the entire trip... and doing it all with not just a positive attitude, but with a smile on their face and a genuine 'give-a-shit' about their clients.

Mike and Dac were simply awesome! I don't know how much they get paid, but it's not enough...they definitely deserve a raise!  The incredible fishing (to steal a phrase from one of my trip-mates, 'size and volume') was expected (and it was awesome), but Mike and Dac's incredible work ethic, positive attitude, knowledge, experience, and genuine likeability made this trip extraordinary.

alaska float trips, goodnews river

This was the trip of a lifetime. I hope that I'm able to return to Alaska for another adventure...and if I do, it will definitely be with the crew from Alaska Rainbow Adventures!

Jeff C.

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Now that you have seen how this guest enjoyed their Goodnews River float trip with our team of expert Alaska fishing guides, why not join us on one of our Goodnews river float trips or perhaps one of our other Alaska float fishing trips!

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