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A Few WordsAbout Our Intimate Rivers Fishing Program

Our Intimate rivers program encompasses a couple of ideas... they are travel to "smaller streams" that offer a more intimate overall experience, or can be a less expensive option on some waters that are normally listed as our deluxe or standard style trips. Please contact us for availability.

On some waters, this style of trip is necessary due to the river not having direct access by a lake or just because the size of the stream is such that the larger rafts used on our deluxe trips are not practical.

These trips allow you to get up close and personal with trophy salmon, trout, char, and other species on smaller streams. You still get the same personal service and attention to detail that has long been a hallmark of an Alaska Rainbow Adventures Alaska fly fishing float trip.

This level of service is our least expensive option, utilizing smaller rafts and fewer amenities than our other trips all to save weight and the numbers of aircraft required. It is a roughing-it, bare-bones style adventure, without seats in the rafts or cots in the tents and are comparable to what most other operators offer as "standard" Alaska float trip fare, and not to be confused with our upgraded Standard or deluxe style trips.

For tents, we use Everest expedition tents which are large enough that you do not feel crammed into one like a sardine without the oil as you might in the one or two man tents other operations offer.

While we try for a 2-1 guest to guide ratio on all of our Alaska float fishing trips, occasionally when there is an odd number of participants our intimate rivers style trips will end up with a three to one ratio.

All of our float trips require some participation and group effort. Your participation with unloading the rafts, moving camp gear, setting up taking down sleep tents is greatly appreciated. Each day anglers will be able to rotate guides enabling everyone to fish with each member of the staff if desired.

We offer Alaska float trips on the state's most "epic" float trip waters, including the Kanektok or "Chosen" river, the Goodnews, and over a dozen more!