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Alaska is brimming with a profusion of rivers, streams and creeks that are perfect for an Alaska fly fishing float trip that are by and large packed with a wide range of freshwater species that anglers from all over the globe come here to pursue.

However, nothing other than actually being here begins to do the Alaska float trip experience justice, no matter how many photos, stories or web sites you have checked out, being here is so much more! 

Here are some of the more popular of these "Epic" Alaska float fishing trip waters that we can take you to.

The Alagnak River is located in the Bristol Bay / Katmai NP Region of Alaska and accessed from King Salmon, Alaska.

Alagnak River Rainbow TroutThe headwaters of the Alagnak Wild River lie within the rugged Aleutian Range bordering on or in part within Katmai National Park & Preserve from which they meander west towards Bristol Bay.

The Alagnak fishes well for all five species of Pacific Salmon, mixed in with all of the salmon are enough rainbows to make it seem like they are a run of their own as well as Arctic Grayling and Dolly Varden. On the Alagnak, there are no crowded fishing holes.

 Alagnak River, Alaska Float fishing Trip

American Creek is located in the Bristol Bay / Katmai NP Region of Alaska and accessed from King Salmon, Alaska.

American Creek, Alaska One of the only waters we float that is actually located within Katmai National Park, American Creek offers at times abundant Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. Access is limited to a few miles at the lower end by jet boat and walking at the headwaters lake by anglers who walk in after being dropped off by float plane usually from one of the areas lodges. The rest of the American is the realm of those who float it and we have been offering trips here for over twenty years. American Creek Alaska float trip

The Arolik River is Located in South West Alaska and is accessed out of Bethel or Dillingham, Alaska.

Arolik River Alaska,  Rainbow TroutThe Arolik River is remote, the fish are abundant, and the scenery is beautiful and while the Arolik starts off small it finishes big, and if you time it right, you might even tie into all five pacific salmon species, dolly varden, grayling and some very old rainbows! Arolik River Alaska float trip

The Goodnews River is located in Southwest Alaska and can be accessed out of Bethel or Dillingham, Alaska.

Goodnews River, Alaska Silver SalmonLocated in southwest Alaska and flowing out of the Ahklun Mountains to the Bering Sea, the Goodnews River offers some of southwest Alaska’s most productive and varied stream fishing for all species of salmon, trout, grayling and sea-run Dolly Varden, the river is choked with fish in the summer months is an ideal trip for families and angling friends This is true wilderness, with the upper portion of the Goodnews River being within the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. Goodnews River Alaska float trip

The Kanektok River is located in Southwest Alaska and can be accessed out of Bethel, Alaska

Kanektok River Rainbow TroutThe Kanektok River is located in the Togiak National Wildlife Reserve of Southwest Alaska and flows westward out of Pegati Lake and the scenic Ahklun Mountains about a hundred river miles and into the Bering Sea at the village of Quinhagak. Almost all the river’s course lies within the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, and it is a fly fisherman's paradise and a world class fishing destination. Kanektok River Alaska float trip

The Kwethluk River is located in the Kuskokwim River drainage and is accessed out of Bethel, Alaska

Kwethluk River Alaska Rainbow TroutThe Kwethluk River flowing out of the Kilbuck Mountains winds along for nearly a hundred miles of fish, fun and solitude flowing through the twisty shallows of the mountainous upper stretches, wood-laden braids and channels of the mid river, to the slow flowing oxbows as it nears the Kuskokwim River all of which offer something to the wilderness angler and if you give the trip enough time you will not be disappointed in having to hurry up through it's lower reaches. Kwethluk River Alaska float trip

Moraine Creek is located in the Katmai / Bristol Bay region of Alaska and accessed from King Salmon, Alaska.

Moraine / Funnel Creek,  Alaska Rainbow Trout.While at times busy with anglers from all over, if you are on a float trip and camped right along the river you can be on the water before and after the majority of these tempoary interlopers from the lodges on tbis short yet highly productive water where behomoth rainbows reside.  Bring a good camera, you will need it not only to document your catch, but the local wildiife viewing is out of this world and worth the price of admission. Moraine Creek Alaska float fishing trip

The Talachulitna River is accessed out of Anchorage and it is our most economical Alaska float fishing trip.

Talachulitna River Rainbow troutThe Talachulitna River fondly also known as the Tal winds some fifty to sixty miles from Judd Lake and the Tordilo mountains to the Skwentna river. While on Talachulitna Creek portion you will see no motorboats as it is designated non-motorized for most of the summer. It was also the first river in Alaska to be designated catch and release only for Rainbow Trout. Anglers can also expect to catch Arctic Grayling along with King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, and Silver Salmon depending upon when you time your trip with us. Talachulitna River Alaska float trip

The Togiak River is the Gem of the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge and accessed out of Dillingham, Alaska.

Togiak River Rainbow TroutWe have been offering trips on the spectacular Togiak River longer than any operator on the river and while not as popular as it's sister rivers to the west, the Togiak is more then worthy of a look for the traveling angler. It is in the top ten waters in the state for Trophy Rainbow trout, and has one of the largest unexploited runs of coho salmon. Togiak River Alaska float fishing trip


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Alaska Fishing Trip, Alaska Fly Fishing Float TripGreetings from Alaska... My name is Paul Hansen and I am the owner of Alaska Rainbow Adventures.  My guides and I have been operating the premier multi-day wilderness fly in Alaska float fishing trips on many of Alaska's best float trip waters for what will be our twenty ninth season in 2021 and do so offering you the traveling angler a level of service not found elsewhere in the industry, we invite you to join us for your Alaska Float Fishing Trip.

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