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Goodnews River

Goodnews River Alaska Float Fishing TripIf ever there was a place where the piscatorial stars align in Alaska it would be on the Goodnews River, in Western Alaska. During the summer season there are times when the river fishes in such a way that not only will an angler damned near wear out their arm from battling a diverse palette of fish, you will also discover that your cheeks ache from the permanent grin plastered on your face from this total experience. 

By the time mid July gets here

there are already a healthy  number of Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, King, Sockeye, Chum, Pink Salmon and the occasional Northern Pike available as the month wears on, the Goodnews sees an influx of Arctic Char/Dolly Varden (affectionately referred to as "Charlies!") and Goodnews River Alaska Silver Salmon or Coho SalmonCoho (Silver) Salmon in epic numbers. In the gin clear waters of the Goodnews it is common to see a literal biomass of fish that span the channel from bank to bank, and nose to tail as they move upriver from Bristol Bay and the Bering Sea.

Alaska Rainbow Adventures was selected by the USFWS as the number one operator of float fishing trips on the Goodnews river and this allows us to offer you the best set of trip dates available for your Alaska experience.  Goodnews River trips are booked on request, as fisherman's deluxe, intimate rivers or fisherman's standard style trips, you can find out more about the different style of trips on our FAQ page. Single anglers may be able to join an existing trip, please check our schedule online for dates and rate information.

Each day becomes a euphoric progression of hearty meals, amazing fishing, wildlife viewing, solitude, Goodnews River Alaska Rainbow Troutand the camaraderie of driftwood fires and the reliving of the days events. It is a veritable Never Never Land for the Fly Fishing Peter Pan in all of us, and all you need are your Happy Thoughts and a confirmed reservation.

Getting There ... Your Goodnews river float trip start and end from the Kuskokwim river village of Bethel, Alaska. We will provide you and members of your group with detailed information on how to get there, when, where to stay and how you and your group will be transported to Goodnews lake for the start of your trip with us on the Goodnews river. Expect this info upon booking with Alaska Rainbow Adventures and receipt of deposits.