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Photographing your catch

Photo How To's


Have both camera and photographer ready to take the picture before the fish is handled. Wet your hands before holding fish. Hold your fish horizontally and support its weight with both hands; one under the belly and one around the base of the tail. Photograph the fish in the water if possible. If you take the fish out of the water, hold your breath, when you have to breathe it is time to put your fish back.

To reduce fish mortality, anglers need to handle fish carefully and quickly, cradle it gently keeping the fish horizontal in two hands. Please do not at any time squeeze the fish as vital organs can be easily injured especially in the throat or stomach regions.

When removing the hook from a fish if you hold it upside down you may find this often causes a calming effect and allows for easier hook removal, but again please do not squeeze the fish.

Keep hands and fingers away from the gills and the eyes. Grasp the trout gently and return it carefully into quiet waters when releasing it.

If you are going to photograph your trophy, have someone ready with the camera and do it quickly. Keep the fish in the water until you are ready for the shot and only lift it just out of the water not several feet high where it can be injured when you lose your grip on it and the fish falls to the stream bed.

Return the trout quickly to the stream. Always use barb-less hooks not only does this make it easier to remove the hook from a fish but it also comes out of an impaled fisherman with significantly less pain and effort. Trust us on this we have seen enough anglers hooked by flies that were not de-barbed.

Revive the fish by gently holding it underwater, by the tail with one hand, and supporting the underbelly with the other. Face the fish into the current and gently move it back and forth and it may take a while so please exercise some patience or ask your guide for assistance.