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Looks Something Like This...

A Day On The River

Your wake-up call every morning is about 7:00 am with hot coffee available, a hearty breakfast follows soon after. Then head back to your tent to pack up your gear, cot, sleeping pad, and tent, and take it down to the rafts unless it is a no-travel day if that is the case, go fishing!

We start floating around 9:00 am, spending the morning floating and stopping to fish until lunch which we have streamside. After lunch, we continue the float until we reach our evening campsite, usually arriving about 5:30 pm sometimes, a bit later depending on who we had to drag out of that last hot run on the river where we stopped.

After unloading the rafts, everyone helps set up camp, generally taking about 30 minutes. The next decision you need to make is whether to sit back and relax or continue fishing the camp waters. Dinner is usually ready about 7:00 pm, after which you can wade fish the camp waters or hang out in the gathering tent.

Later in the season, usually this means in September, we get a later start to our day due to changes in the amount of available daylight.