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The demand for Alaska travel

Is higher than ever...

Alaska is hugely popular with fly fishing travelers for a good reason. Most visitors book at least a year in advance for our more popular trips on the Kanektok and Goodnews Rivers.

Why? Because the fishing season in Alaska is short, and available spaces on these trips can go quickly, add in the pent-up demand for travel due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and you have the perfect storm, increasing the competition to get the best spots on the best trips.

Other factors such as when you can travel, when your fellow anglers joining you can travel, and even factors on our end such as the availability of floatplanes, guides even airline schedules can all be components that affect what trips are available for you to consider, so it's better to lock things down early.

If you are interested in traveling and fishing Alaska in 2022, we cannot stress the importance of booking your trip sooner than later.