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Travel and Travel Insurance alaska float fishing trip
And Travel Insurance!

For most trips, we recommend arriving in the hub city where your selected trip with us starts the evening before and staying overnight. This is to ensure that you and your luggage and gear all arrive in a timely manner and as travel can sometimes be delayed affecting the start of your trip and that of everyone else.

Depending on airline schedules which may change depending on which hub city your trip starts from you may need to overnight at the end of your trip as well.

Upon booking aditional travel information re flights and places to stay will be provided

We strongly recommend travel insurance, there are many companies available that offer this type of product online or contact your favorite travel agent.

We strongly encourage travel insurance for float trips, evacuation, and medical as well as trip cancellation coverage as it is often said it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Find out more about travel insurance ~ Opens in a new window ... Click Here