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American Creek

Flowing from Hamersley lake in Katmai National Preserve Alaska, American Creek starts out on this on a high plateau then flows through a long, inaccessible canyon on its way to Lake Colville. The upper section just below the outlet of Hamersley Lake is a spectacular setting, and some of the finest dry fly fishing in the state can be had on this stretch of water and we agree!

The Rainbows,

and Dolly varden of American Creek tend to be feisty averaging four to six pounds with eight pound and and few even larger not that uncommon, American Creek, Alaska Fishing Tripok for the tape measure challenged we are talking 22" - 26" fish here although 28" - 30" + fish are possible and have been bought to hand. Streamer fishing is popular as sculpins and salmon fry abound, but the American is also know at times for it's excellent dry fly fishing and mousing, usually best in early June through maybe mid July but in truth fishing the American can be very good all season as long as long as there is sufficient water to get a raft down the creek. If you plan to fish the American when the fly patterns have switched to flesh and eggs, you should also come with the ability to consider an alternate float plan as the American can be quite a drag and hard on gear and participants when the water is low.

Float Trip, American Creek AlaskaWhile American creek is for the most part is an easy to wade smaller stream, it does have some challenging white water sections, rock gardens and sweepers to negotiate and you can expect the rafts to get hung on rocks and other obstacles, that will have you and your guides in and out of the rafts with a frustrating frequency at times as you work to get the boats moving again. even helping portage boats and gear around or over log jams so we can all get down the creek to that next great fishing spot! Only those in good physical condition should consider attempting this adventure!

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