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Alagnak River

The Alagnak or "Branch river" as it is also known as is located 290 miles southwest of Anchorage, AK, and accessed from King Salmon, Alaska, the Alagnak River traverses the beautiful Alaska Peninsula, flowing about seventy miles from it's twin sources of Kukaklek and Nonvianuk Lakes into the Kvichak River then Bristol Bay.

The Alagnak

Rainbow Trout Alagnak RiverThe Branch river has a long history of being 'the river to float' for trophy rainbow trout fishing in Alaska.  It's bountiful rainbow trout kick off the season on June 8th each year as they slash into out migrating schools of salmon fry.  Swinging large flies like the Dolly Lama are popular at this time!

The Alagnak's clear waters also host some of the largest runs of Pacific salmon in the world and Sockeye salmon and few jack kings arrive in the waters of the Alagnak river in late June followed soon after by the main run of adult Chinook as the calendar slips into July. 

The mass influx of salmon into this uniquely Alaskan fishery does not stop there, as the sockeye and kings are closely followed by chum salmon with their runs in mid to late July headed to the lower two thirds of the river, pinks in even years and silver salmon from mid August well into September when fall fishing for rainbow trout can be hot!

Alagnak River Alaska
Most years find us with a few trips scheduled during what we call "Sockeyefest" in late June through mid-July, while it is not just about fishing for sockeye salmon at this time, as other species abound, it is a celebration of the one fish species that drives the biological diversity of the region for if it were not for the millions of these magnificent salmon returning, spawning and then in death feeding everything here, not much, not even the beautifully spotted rainbows the Alagnak is famous for would be here!

Note: We often get requests to combine our Moraine creek float fishing trips with a segment on the Alagnak River for a true Alaskan Adventure so if that interests you, be sure to check on a Moraine-Alagnak combo float fishing trip today!

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We offer two styles of float trips on the Alagnak river these are our fisherman's deluxe or standard offerings and they are scheduled on an as requested basis.
If you have a group and are interested in a Alagnak float trip or if you are a single angler that we may be able to fit you into an existing trip, give us a call. Our Alagnak river float trips start and end in from the Alaska Peninsula town of King Salmon, Alaska which has regularly scheduled air service out of Anchorage.