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When To Fish Alaska!

                Opening day in the Bristol Bay and Southwestern Alaska watersheds
                begins June 8th each year when these waters open to fishing for rainbow trout.
                We offer our multi-Day wilderness float trips on a variety of dates from that fate
                on through late September.

                In order to gure out what is the absolute best time for you and your
                group to visit and fish Alaska,  we suggest that you give us a call to discuss your
                groups desires in an Alaska fishing trip. This way we can then go over the many
                factors that make up a successful Alaska experience and find you the right trip, on
                the right river, at the right time to fit your groups expectations.

                The call of course is free so pick up the phone and dial 1-877-235-2647
                or 1-907-357-0251 operators are standing by! Ok maybe not an operator, more
                likely you will get the owner and while he will field your calls at 3 am it might be
                best to wait until he gets that first cup of coffee in the morning or you can leave a
                message on the machine and follow up with an email containing your name and
                phone number and someone will get back to you. For those of you on the east
                coast call just before or anytime after lunch as we are four hours earlier in the day
                up here in Alaska,

                We look forward to talking with you soon!

            Alaska Rainbow Adventures / 907-357-0251 /
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