Talachulitna River

Alaska's Talachulitna river

while it may be just a short fifty  minute or so plane ride from Anchorage's Lake Hood  the "Talachulitna River" is truly "Wild Alaska" it is also world class rainbow trout water. The "Tal" as the river is affectionately called is well traveled but not usually crowded, this alone is an excellent reason to visit the river, combine that with the location, the beauty of the river itself, exceptional scenery, wildlife viewing opportunities and after you toss in some exceptional fishing and you have the main reasons anglers from all over the world make their annual pilgrimage to the Tal with Alaska Rainbow Adventures.Alaska Talachulitna River Alaska fly in float fishing trip


The Talachulitna River, flows in a southerly direction out of Judd lake turns Northerly for 65 miles before joining the Skwentna River. We start off on the diminutive Talachulitna Creek, the upper portion of which is a very narrow, clear and swift moving and lined with spruce forests also features good rainbow trout and dolly varden fishing and we will likely see some salmon here as well depending on when you schedule your trip. This is also an non-motorized portion of the river system most of the season. When Tal creek enters the Talachulitna River, the stream flow slows considerably, but the fishing actually improves. The Talachulitna's many tail out pools, eddies and gravel spawning beds giving the rainbows places to congregate and the forks is about as far as many salmon travel in their journey up the Talachulita river. We then proceed over the next several days to float through some fun white water races and canyons camping on the numerous gravel bars on the edge of the forests of the Talachulitna River itself.

Talachulitna River Alaska rainbow trout
Fishing the Talachulitna River

Can give any angler visions of heavily spotted rainbows or dolly varden dancing on the end of your line, or perhaps a powerful king salmon, whatever your desire, If you have found yourself waiting to fish the Tal,  It is time to wait no more as we can take you to Alaska's Blue Ribbon trout water!

This is a river of legend in Alaska fishing circles, it has been written about for decades, and fortunately it also was the first river in Alaska deemed catch and release for rainbow trout and the many years that have passed since this policy was bestowed upon the Tal it's rainbow population has become stable, larger then pre- C&R and more numerous, of course the bows of the Tal have always been colorful, heavily spotted and a delight to catch!  Wildlife along the river includes brown bear, moose, wolves, wolverine, black bear, and beaver. Birds that may be observed are: Bald eagles, swans, ducks & geese, ptarmigan, spruce grouse and osprey. There is excellent fishing  the entire length of the Talachulitna river with it's numerous sandbars and shallow riffles that offer easy wading access to the many deeper pools teeming with Rainbow Trout,  Arctic Grayling & Char or any of the pacific salmon in season. September marks the height of rainbow fishing that is legendary all season long on the river and when you consider the variety and quantity of fish available the Tal is a true Alaskan treasure. 

The Talachulitna River is featured as one of our Standard Deluxe or Intimate Rivers style of trips. Click on the icons below for more information.


The "Tal" AlaskaFishing Trip Talachulitna, Alaska




Talachulitna river Fishing“As a guide, lodge owner, and booking agent, it's very difficult for me to give Kudos. I have seen the best. I know good fishing, and hunting operations when I see them. Your guides are world-class guides, and most importantly people. The gear is the finest, and most reliable money can buy. The food is excellent, as well. I'll put your float operation up against any in Alaska.
Excellent Job!! Oh and Kudos!  ”
Justin Tackett

Talachulitna Photos

Talachulitna Sunset Alaska Fishing    Salmon eggs on the Tal

Talachulitna River Fishing Trip

Talachulitna River Highlights

  • Angler on the Tal casing for kingsMay-June
    Spring rainbows and Chinook salmon are the fare to target starting with the rainbows after ice out and then the hard charging kings in mid to late June.
  • July
    The king salmon season ends abruptly in mid July but what a time can be had by the angler choosing to join us catching these the largest of the pacific salmon on the clear diminutive waters of the Talachulitna as it flows between banks heavy in thick ferns, quite a contrast to the rivers of Alaska's Bristol bay region where many of our Alaska float trips occur.   
  • August - September
    Silver salmon can be expected to show up near the beginning of August  and run strongly into the Talachulitna river, hanging around through the first part of September.  The peak of the coho run can be expected to occur about mid month in August.  As we head into fall rainbow trout fishing picks up and the Tal's rainbows of fall begin to attract anglers "in the know" from around the world. As with other famous trout streams flesh patterns can be extremely effective on the Talachulitna, but do not forget to try some other flies such as dries or even consider trying  morrish's mouse.

Talachulitna River Run Timing: From ADF&G

 King Salmon Lower Talachulitna River: June. Upper River: mid-June through season close in mid-July.

Silver Salmon Lower Talachulitna River: August. Upper River: mid-August through mid-September.