Remainder of 2017 season

About this schedule:

The trips below are the ones we are focusing on filling out for the remainder of the 2017 fishing season. This  list only encompasses a portion of the different waters we can take you to here in Alaska.  If you do not see the water or dates that 'fit' your groups needs, call us we may be able to put something together!.

Goodnews River Saving the best for last, well almost. 
September 6th to 13th or 15th

By now our Western Alaska Crew has seen this river as many as five times this season, and the anticipation of this final float on the ‘News has been building with every passing week. The Char fishing will be in it’s prime, the Rainbow Trout will be hammering everything from beads, to streamers to mice, and the Coho will be everywhere, hitting everything and almost anything you throw at them.. These are true “campfire tales” type of trips, given that by now we have those wondrous Fall Alaskan nights, with the possibility of Northern Lights and nothing winds down an epic day quite like a popping driftwood fire. The longer nights mean shorter days, and as the season winds down, the fishing inevitably ramps up for resident species gorging themselves with calories for the impending long winter.

Intimate Rivers, Fisherman's standard,  or deluxe style trip from Bethel, Alaska Rates from $4,250.00 and up / Eight Days - Seven Nights


Booking two or more persons?  Get up to 15% off on this trip for 2017 - Call for details


Kanektok River The Seasons Final Hurrah.
September 10th -17th or 19th


A truly epic time of year, and a truly epic trip. The banks are littered with the spawned out carcasses of the seasons salmon runs, snow is teasing the mountain peaks, each morning holds the possibility of skims of ice along the shoreline, the once lush green leaves of summer are now golden, fluttering reminders that winter is almost here. What better time to target big, slashing Rainbow Trout who are making their final push to saturate themselves with fat before being locked under the ice for months and months? Late season Coho will still be present, milling in sloughs and deep holes, ready to charge your streamer, or lunge into the air after a pollywog. Our last trip of the season is one that never disappoints, and always leaves us and our guests in awe of the fishing, the river, and all it’s environment.

Kanektok Style Trip from Bethel, Alaska  - $5,795.00 / Ten Days ~ Nine Nights


Booking two or more persons?  Get up to 15% off on this trip for 2017 - Call for details


Moraine Creek / Return to Katmai

September 17 to 23, 2017

Just because we can and some fellow anglers wanted to go.  Chasing fall rainbows  who after a season of gorging themselves are fat, sassy and ready to eat as the seasons bounty comes to a close.
 Big reward in big fish for those that can make this one!  The Moraine, while short id where the sockeye go to spawn, and while ths trp is later in the season it has proven to be very productive in the past and after when most of the lodge traffic has left.

Fisherman's Standard Trip 3995.00pp Seven Days / Six Nights from King Salmon, Alaska


Two slots available



Alaska Fishing Trip

About Our Fishing Programs

We offer four different float trip programs on a wide variety waters across the state of Alaska, waters known by anglers from around the world for excellent fishing, be it for trophy rainbow trout or pacific salmon. These programs are our "Fisherman's Deluxe", "Fisherman's Standard" , "Intimate Rivers" & "Kanektok Style" float trips , and availability depends on the particular river you choose to float with us.


On some waters most service levels are available on others due to accessibility and logistics only what we call our "intimate rivers" version is an option.   


Camping on rafting trip in Alaska

















Each of these packages offer a different level of service with the least expensive being what we have come to call our "intimate rivers" package utilizing smaller rafts, expedition style tents, and fewer other amenities then our deluxe style trips and should be considered as a 'roughing it' bare bones style trip, without seats in the rafts or cots in the tents and are comparable to what most other operators offer as standard Alaska float trip fare.



rafting trips in Alaska

















Our deluxe trips, the "Fisherman's Deluxe" and "Fisherman's Standard" & "Kanektok Style" are also what we call our "Deluxe Alaska Lodge Style Float Trips" because the "accommodations" are like no other you will find on an Alaska float trip anywhere!   


The Accommodations on our deluxe float trips are in spacious, high quality tents made right here in Alaska. for Alaska conditions. Each of these tents is used to house two anglers in which you can stand in comfortably and come equipped with cots and chairs. This provides you ample space for your gear, as well as a comfortable retreat should the weather become inclement. Also on these trips are our custom built large gathering / dinning tent capable of holding the entire group for dining or as a gathering area. All guests are welcome to hang out in this common space for drinks, fly tying and socializing. Other comforts such as available hot showers, toilet facilities and other little touches that make an Alaska Rainbow Adventures deluxe trip a cut above all others.  


Dolly Varden in spawning colors






























Where the deluxe trips differ, is that on the "Fisherman's Deluxe" trip there is a "two to one" guest to guide ratio with two anglers and their guide floating the river in custom built drifter rafts each equipped with custom frames that have casting stations front and rear allowing for an exceptional angling experience. "Fisherman's deluxe trips also feature an additional boat and camp hand that carries much of the camp gear and the majority of bags. Of course we still spend as much time as possible wading for fish. The additional guide/camp hand also assists in the setting up and taking down camp and assisting where necessary with guiding duties. The drifter rafts, being lightly loaded are able to access almost any run on the river much like a drift boat and are highly maneuverable as well.















Our Fisherman's standard float trips offer the same camping amenities but no gear / bag boat or extra camp hand and a two or three to one guest / guide ratio depending on overall group size. These float trips require some participation and group effort. Your participation with unloading the rafts, moving camp gear and taking down sleep tents each morning is greatly appreciated. Each day anglers will rotate guides enabling everyone to fish with each member of the staff.  


We offer a special level of service on the Kanektok river, This is an modified version of our "Fisherman's Deluxe" & "Fisherman's Standard" trips with all the features of an fisherman's standard trip and the "two anglers per boat feature" of the fisherman's deluxe trips but no gear boat or extra guide/camp hand and guests assist the guides with camp setup and breakdown of tent & cots. These trips are limited to just eight guests total with four boats and four guides.


Other Waters

This schedule only encompasses a portion of the different waters we can take you to here in Alaska.  Others such as the Togiak,  Stuyahok, Koktuli, and Talachulitna Rivers are available as well as Lake and American Creeks For information on scheduling a trip on those waters or another of interest perhaps not listed (We have more then a few of those) please call the Alaska Rainbow Adventures office at 907-357-0251