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On Alaska's Kanektok river

A few years ago I read an article about a raft trip down this river just to fish The guy who wrote this article said he caught so many fish the first day that the second day he could barely pick up his rod let alone cast


The Kanektok or “Chosen River” is one of Alaska's great fishing destinations and as such many an angler has found themselves spending hours pouring over all the available literature about these fabled waters. Most often the result of this endeavor is that one find's oneself imagining beautifully spotted leopard rainbow trout or powerful pacific salmon, "dancing" on the end of their line. Now Alaska Rainbow Adventures can help facilitate this dream with one of our comfortable deluxe Alaska float trips on this truly wilderness waterway This float trip is an great way to experience the phenomenal variety of fishing the Kanektok River offers as you float and fish 90-miles of river and take in first hand how the personality of the Kanektok river changes as you travel from the headwaters to the Bering Sea with some of the best sport fishing in the world! 

Rainbow Trout Fishinng Alaska Kanektok River

Flowing some ninety miles from Kagati and Pegati Lakes to the Village of Quinhagak on the Bering Sea Coastline, the Kanektok River has long been known among Trout Aficionados as an amazing fishery for the much acclaimed Alaskan Leopard Rainbow Trout, the Kanektok has the distinction of being on the bucket list of many Anglers, which speaks volumes as to its reputation. Given the length of the float, the vistas and sights, numerous channels and braids, as well as the availability of sterling campsites, no two trips down this river are the same. 

 Like its sister rivers the Goodnews and Togiak, the Kanektok possesses monster runs of sea run Dolly Varden/Arctic Char as well as superfluous Arctic Grayling in the 18"-22"+ range. Also renowned for amazing runs of Coho (Silver) Salmon , as well as jaw dropping availability of Chinook (King) Salmon and non-stop Sockeye Salmon action, all depending on the time of year one chooses to float the river.

The Kanektok is renowned for its prime "Mousing" water, and it is no secret that many anglers have spent near the entire ninety miles with some version of this pattern at the ready to bring large Rainbows and Char to hand, at times cast after cast. 

The Kanektok is one of Alaska’s most productive and diverse fisheries, intimate and small for the first few days, fishing well for the species that frequent this section of the river then becoming braided offering idyllic and wade able rainbow water after which you reach the lower thirty or so miles of perfect salmon water, truly an Epic Alaskan wilderness fishing experience. The multitude of campsite options predicates that the fishing from each evenings camp will be more than memorable, and quite likely will result in much rollicking around the fire that night, rehashing the Fish Tales with the opportunity to create more, within a few steps of the campfire.

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Kanektok River Fishing:


We offer a special level of service on the Kanektok river, This is an modified version of our "Fisherman's & Standard Deluxe Trips"  with all the features of an standard deluxe trip and the two anglers per boat feature of the fisherman's deluxe. These trips are limited to just eight guests total with four boats and four guides.

Kanektok River Trip Dates 2017 and 2018

July 4 * These are "Prime" dates for King Salmon Angling!

**Save $1,000.00 0ff! The Fall 2017 Trip**

September 10 to 19 2017!  Fall Leopard Rainbow Trout Angling and Silver "Coho" Salmon.   Space Available  "This trip is "off the chain!"

* (These trips can be eight to ten days in length we suggest 10 days on the September trip. )

King Salmon Kanektok River AlaskaWhich trip is right for you?  The fourth of July start date on the Kanektok is perfect for the angler wishing to target an variety of species on one trip. You will fly to the headwaters of the Kanektok via chartered float plane from the village of Bethel, Alaska.  Then for the next eight days you will float, camp and fish the river, taking on opportunities to bring to hand abundant Sockeye and Chum Salmon and even the "king" of Pacific Salmon the mighty Chinook!.  Additional variety can be had in pursuing available sea run Dolly Varden/Char, Lake Trout, Grayling, and the Kanektok's beautifully colored and spotted  mouse eating Leopard Rainbow's.

In the Fall the Kanektok's voracious rainbows have had a whole summer of feeding to fatten up and fill out, many easily growing to double the size they were in spring, and it is at this time they are truly at their prime. It is our September 10th start date that brings the seriously addicted rainbow angers to Alaska and in particular to  the Kanektok in search of these trophy's. Be it drifting flesh or egg patterns, on top with mouse patterns such as Morrish's Mouse, the Blair Mouse project or other rodent patterns. Toss in unusually large numbers of voracious "WOG"  crushing Coho's, un-countable numbers of  Dollies and other available species, yes the fishing is pretty much off the charts on this near hundred mile float through Fly Fishing heaven!

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Alagnak River Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout alagnak float trip“Over the last 30 years I've spent in excess of 200 days with various outfitters throughout the world. I've taken 8 trips with Paul Hansen's Alaska Rainbow Adventures. Each trip always exceeded my expectations for catching fish, scenery and outfitter service. Paul is definitely at the top of my list for professionalism and fishing/river knowledge. I might also add his guides mimic his professionalism. When you're on a trip with Paul and his guides you'll feel like family.”
Dennis Callaway

Kanektok River Float Trip


Kanektok River Highlights

  • Fishing Chart for the Kanektok River

    Weeks of June June July August September
    . 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3
    Rainbow P P P P P P P P P P P P P
    Arctic Char P A P P P P P P P P P P A
    Dolly Varden A A P P P P P P P P P P A
    Arctic Grayling P P P P P P P P P P P P P
    Lake Trout P P P A A A A A A A A A P
    Northern Pike A A A A A A A A A A A A A
    King Salmon P P P P P A . . . . . . .
    Sockeye Salmon . . P P P . . . . . . . .
    Silver Salmon . . . . . P P P P P P P P
    Pink Salmon * . . A P P P A . . . . . .
    Chum Salmon P P P P P A . . . . . . .
    Available(A) - - - Peak Period(P) - - - * Even # Years only (2014 will be the next Pink year)


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