Goodnews River


Taking a self-contained float trip down one of Alaska's wilderness rivers in itself is a remarkable experience, taking one down a river having the reputation for what may be one of the finest float fishing trips in the world is truly a trip of a lifetime, especially when traveling on an Goodnews river float trip with the expert guides of Alaska Rainbow Adventures.


Alaska Goodnews River Fishing Float  Trip
The Goodnews River is located in southwestern Alaska, and flows out of the Ahklun mountains some fifty five miles from where it empties into Kuskokwim Bay near the Alaska Native villages of Goodnews Bay and Platinum.
The Goodnews River actually consists of several forks, the South, Middle and North forks, the latter two offering access for our float trips and can be considered as different waters as they join up within a just few miles of the ocean.  The upper portion is within the Togiak Refuge Wilderness area and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service regulates commercial float trips on the river and the special use permit awarded to Alaska Rainbow Adventures allow us to offer you float trips during the prime fishing dates for a Goodnews river float fishing trip.




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Goodnews River Fishing:


Be it to pursue the mighty Chinook in early July, A salmon slam at midsummer, Silver Salmon in the fall or the truly beautiful leopard rainbows and Arctic Char all found here in excellent numbers an Goodnews River Float Trip with Alaska Rainbow Adventures delivers!  





We offer all three levels of service on the Goodnews river, from our least expensive intimate rivers trips for the budget angler to the fisherman's deluxe for the angler that wants' that personalized attention and arriving at a camp already set up so all he has to do is fish, we have the package that fits your groups desires. Click on the icons below for more information.


Alaska's best fishing trip  fly fishing the Goodnews, AlaskaFishing Trip Goodnews River, Alaska


Goodnews River Fly Fishing trip“Over the last 30 years I've spent in excess of 200 days with various outfitters throughout the world. I've taken 9 trips with Paul Hansen's Alaska Rainbow Adventures. Each trip always exceeded my expectations for catching fish, scenery and outfitter service. Paul is definitely at the top of my list for professionalism and fishing/river knowledge. I might also add his guides mimic his professionalism. When you're on a trip with Paul and his guides you'll feel like family.”
Dennis Callaway



Alaska Goodnews river“ I wanted to thank you for an amazing trip down the GoodNews River. It was everything that we hoped for and more. The fishing, scenery, food... all were spectacular. I have no idea how many fish we caught that one day, but after a while it almost got ridiculous. I have never caught so many fish in a single day. It makes me smile every time I think about it. I can't speak highly enough about Jim Henderson. He was beyond great. The time he took to teach our boys flyfishing was much appreciated. He is a natural teacher. Encouraging, kind, persistent, knowledgeable... and fun to be with. It was a tremendous privilege to spend a week with Jim. Your knowledge and experience in the wilderness is amazing. To take a group of greenhorns like us, and make it look so easy, is evidence of your gifts. Thanks so much for an amazing week.”
Jason Klotter






Goodnews Photos

Alaska Goodnews Float Trip Rainbow Trout flyfishing silver salmon  Alaska fishing Goodnews River Float Fishing Trip Rainbow Trout

Goodnews River Start Dates

  • Our trips on the Goodnews river selected utilizing historical run data offer some of the most consistent angling available of any trips available on the river.
  • June 30 - July 7 (King Salmon)
  • July 9 - July 16 (King Salmon)
  • July 28 - August 4 (Salmon Slam)
  • August 6 - August 13 (Salmon Slam)
  • August 28 - September 4 (Silvers)
  • September 6 - September 13 (Silvers + Fall Rainbows)
  • Capacity: Six to eight persons on our Goodnews river float trips.

  • Goodnews Salmon Run Timing
    Salmon Species Lower River Mid and Upper River
    Chinook (King) Late June July
    Chum (Dog) July Mid to late July
    Sockeye (Red) July Mid to late July
    Pink (Humpies) Late July August (even years)
    Coho (Silvers) August Mid August -September


    Beginning with our trips in late June into mid July you can expect to find rainbow trout, lake trout, arctic grayling, fresh king, chum and sockeye salmon. Towards the end of July and into early August there are rainbow trout, sea run dolly varden, lake trout, arctic grayling, spawning king, chum & sockeye salmon as well as an all time angler favorite, fresh silver salmon and the end of August into September fall colors and excellent angling for rainbow trout, dolly varden, lake trout, arctic grayling, sockeye salmon, fresh silvers.

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