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We are seeking experienced fishing raft guides to join our operation, and once skills and work ethic is proven, there is opportunity for growth. Applicants should have previous Alaska river guiding experience in a variety of settings. Previous experience leading multi-day river trips is a big bonus, and you should be proficient in Trout & Salmon fishing (all species) with both fly & spin gear. Potential guides must have solid rowing skills. The rivers we run are not extremely technical in nature (up to Class III+) but they have Class V consequences due to their remoteness, volume, temperature and their continuous nature. Guides must be conservative in all their decisions. Adrenaline junkies do not do well here. However, if you like spectacular Alaska scenery, varied work, and guiding on an variety of waters around Alaska in a true wilderness settings, it doesn’t get any better than this!

 Guides need to be prepared to put in long days, we expect all employees to provide our guests an extraordinary level of service uncommon to most Alaska float trip operations. Because of this level of service our guests typically leave very generous tips and to encourage this level of excellence and teamwork, guest gratuities are divided equally amongst all of the staff. We believe our employees are our greatest asset. If you possess the maturity to handle yourself in tough situations, after long days without becoming flustered, can deal with rude or inept clients, and can wholly enjoy those who are not,  are dependable , prepared  and  willing to pitch in where necessary and have the angling know how and that  passion that will rub off on clients we want to hear from you. 

One thing that most prospective float fishing guides fail to realize is that “guiding” doesn’t mean “fishing.” There are allot of jobs involved in the type of trips we offer just as there are at the best Alaska lodges, but in our case we are the entire lodge staff, taking on the titles of guide, chief, dishwasher, porter, assembler of tents & cots, and many other jobs as necessary along with being a “guide”. Of course we will try and see that you get you some time on the water here and there to fish on your own, but that is not always practical nor is it guaranteed. While guiding you will find yourself also wearing many hats, be it that of an instructor, cheerleader, and in some cases that of an a babysitter. The worst-case scenario requires you to choose the fly, tie all the necessary knots, teach the client how to cast, point to where the fish are, and then stand there while the client proceeds to do everything wrong. In some cases, the client will blame you for his ineptitude, and you’ll just have to smile and nod.

Duration:  These are temporary seasonal and part time positions ranging from early July through mid September to as few as five days depending upon our need of guides with the majority of opportunities being available in August and September. 
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Guides must purchase a State of Alaska Sport Fishing License, and a State of Alaska Guides License $50. Must be able to pass a per-employment drug screen and be enrolled in a random drug testing through the term of employment.

How to Apply or Get More Information If you are interested in a position for the 2015 season, please forward a cover letter, complete resume which includes at least three work references. Because we will probably not have a chance to meet you in person and will be communicating exclusively by phone and email, please include as much information about your skills as possible. Please send a recent photo, this will help put a face to your resume and makes your application more personal. Please feel free to e-mail your resume to employment@akrainbow.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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