American Creek

Alaska's American Creek

Flowing from Hamersley lake in Katmai National Preserve Alaska, American Creek starts out on this on a high plateau then flows through a long, inaccessible canyon on its way to Lake Colville. The upper section just below the outlet of Hamersley Lake is a spectacular setting, and can provide some outstanding fly-fishing both early and late in the season it is said that the finest Alaska rainbow trout dry fly fishing in the state can be had on this stretch of water and we agree!


While American creek is for the most part an easy to wade smaller stream but it does have some challenging white water at times as well as rock gardens and sweepers. Twisting and turning American creek Alaska can be challenging and you can expect the rafts to get hung on rocks and other obstacles, you will likely have to assist your guides in getting the boat moving again even helping portage boats and gear around log jams so we can get on down the creek to that next great fishing spot!  Only those in good physical condition should consider attempting this adventure!

The rainbows and dolly varden tend to be feisty averaging four to six pounds  with eight pound and and few even larger not that uncommon, ok for the tape measure challenged we are talking 22" - 26" fish here although 28" - 30" + fish are possible and have been bought to hand.  Streamer fishing is popular as sculpins and salmon fry abound, but the American is also know at times for it's excellent dry fly fishing and mousing, usually best in late June through July but in truth it can be exceptional all season as long as long as there is sufficient water to get a raft down the creek. In the fall, the fishing can be exceptional while fishing egg patterns, flesh flies, and dries but an alternate river for a float should be considered an option as the American can be quite a drag and hard on gear and participants if the water is to low.


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Commercial use of American creek is Managed by the National Park Service as the creek is actually inside the boundaries of Katmai National park & preserve.  We will see bears on this trip after all this too is another of Alaska's famous sockeye salmon spawning streams and while not far from where we start many of our Alagnak float trips the American is actually in a completely different watershed, flowing from Hamersley lake down into Lake Colville then Grosvenor and eventually  to the sea by way of the Naknek river, the latter the very waterway we will be taking off from in King Salmon at the start of your trip with us.


If a trip down this classic Alaskan river is of interest to you and your group you should call as soon as possible to ensure availability of spaces, and to schedule a trip for your group.  Just give us a can at 877-235-2647 Toll Free in the US or 907-357-0251  By email   Come and experience Alaska's American Creek this year!   This is one of our "Intimate Rivers Style" trips, for details about what this style of trip includes click the small tent icon below!


American Creek Katmai National Park Alaska


American Creek Alaska Float Trip“My trip with Paul Hansen and the Alaska Rainbow Adventures staff was absolutely the finest fishing adventure I’ve had to date. The fishing was just unbelievable, the sockeye salmon were plentiful, and the scenery and peaceful surroundings were just phenomenal. The guides were extremely helpful, the equipment was reliable, and the whole operation was first rate. Definitely an experience I would love to repeat.”
Gary Eugene Tonkery

American Creek Photos

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American creek Highlights

  • Late June - July
    Spring is the time when anglers gather their rods and head out for the salmon smolt phenomenon that is happening all around the streams of the Bristol Bay region and on the American it is no exception as these rainbows are hungry and anything that looks like a salmon smolt is going to be savaged!  This is also one of the few classic Alaska streams where dry fly fishing can be an surreal experience. June kicks it off and it remains good on into late July when the sockeye salmon arrive in numbers, oh that number...might be something like a million. Wading the American is a the water levels are usually low.   
  • August
    Water levels become a concern in August when considering a float on the American, high water is not usually the problem it is the flip side of this condition as snow melt slows after the long days since breakup in April or May there just is not as much water available to fill the creek and it can become a bit of a drag.  The sockeye however are spawning, and the char and rainbows are right there in the mix picking off salmon eggs that do not make it into the redds or are kicked up as the salmon spawn.  The action can be hot fast and furious American creek is in many ways like no other.
  • September
  • September finds only the rainbows remaining in the American as the salmon have spawned and died, the char have returned to the lake or sea and the bears well they were there for the salmon so if there is enough water..lets make a date!  The rainbows are sure to be very healthy well fed and ready for the long Alaskan winter..aka fat! Come fish American Creek!

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