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On Alaska's Alagnak river

We have seen nearly every emotion from anglers doing battle with the rainbows of the Alagnak River, from tears of joy, the largest of grins and even a few choice words at times. On other days we have watched as seasoned anglers put down their rods saying they have had enough after a battling thirty plus sockeye, and have looked on in awe as at majestic brown bear wander the river in search of a tasty salmon.

 All of our Alagnak float trip guests that we now call friends come away from the Alagnak with memories that will last a lifetime and for many the desire to repeat the experience year after year, join us on an Alagnak River Float Trip.

One of the Alagnak River's most noteworthy features is its prolific annual salmon returns. The river is brimming with all of the different species of pacific salmon such as king, silver, chum, pink and sockeye salmon. In fact, the Alagnak and it's associated watershed provides an significant sockeye salmon spawning habitat for the Bristol Bay commercial fishery, the largest in the world and the areas resident species in particular the rainbow trout and wildlife all benefit from this abundance.

Fish species on the Alagnak River are: king salmon, silver salmon, red salmon, chum salmon, pink salmon in even numbered years, rainbow trout, char, grayling, northern pike. Located 290 miles southwest of Anchorage, AK, the Alagnak River traverses the beautiful Alaska Peninsula, flowing about seventy miles from it's twin sources of Kukaklek & Nonvianuk Lakes into the Kvichak River then Bristol Bay.



Sockeye salmon and few jack kings arrive in the waters of the Alagnak river in late June followed soon after by the main run of adult Chinook in July but the mass influx of salmon into this uniquely Alaskan fishery does not stop there, these are then closely followed by chum salmon with their runs in mid to late July headed to the lower two thirds of the river, pinks in even years and silver salmon from mid August well into September when fall fishing for rainbow trout can be hot!

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Alagnak River Fishing:


The Alagnak river has a long history of being 'the river to float' for trophy rainbow trout fishing in Alaska. It's clear waters host some of the largest runs of pacific salmon in the world as well as a healthy population of arctic grayling and dolly varden too! Flowing through a canyon, open tundra and lowland forest, the river is home to a variety of wildlife. Brown bear are abundant and moose, caribou, wolves, peregrine falcons and eagles may also be seen. Alaska's Alagnak River offers one of the most diverse fishing experiences available in the state, from spectacular fly fishing in the braids to spin casting in the deeper runs of the lower river for kings or silvers, this is a premiere Alaskan fly fishing stream, join us on an Alagnak float trip!

We offer all two levels of service on the Alahnak river, Our most popular option over the years has been the "Fisherman's Standard" and for the angler looking for the most time on the water fishing and none of that setting up or taking camp down we have the "Fisherman's Deluxe Package" . Click on the icons below for more information.


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Alagnak River Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout alagnak float trip“Over the last 30 years I've spent in excess of 200 days with various outfitters throughtout the world. I've taken 8 trips with Paul Hansen's Alaska Rainbow Adventures. Each trip always exceeded my expectations for catching fish, scenery and outfitter service. Paul is definitely at the top of my list for professionalism and fishing/river knowledge. I might also add his guides mimic his professionalism. When you're on a trip with Paul and his guides you'll feel like family.”
Dennis Callaway

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Alagnak River Highlights

  • June
    Spring is the time when anglers gather their rods and head out for the salmon smolt phenomenon that is happening all around the streams of the Bristol Bay region and opening day is an exceptional time to be on the Alagnak River in search of predatory rainbow trout intent on intercepting these out migrating immature salmon as they start their journey to the sea.  Late June finds sockeye salmon beginning their run into the lower Alagnak river  while they are first of the pacific salmon to arrive they are quickly followed by the first kings.  June thru early July offers some of the best dry fly fishing of the season for both rainbow trout and grayling.
  • July
    Three different species of pacific salmon, rainbows and grayling are available in the Alagnak in July.  During the first two weeks there may be one to two million or more sockeye salmon transiting the Alagnak system, a great time for an Alagnak float trip as many sockeye salmon are on the way through the upriver lake systems to feeder streams such as the Moraine, Kulik, Battle, Funnel and Nanuktuk. July is also the month for Chinook salmon on the Alagnak and while primarily targeted in the lower river, they can also be  around in areas of the braids.  By the second week of the month the first of two chum salmon runs has started into the Alagnak as well. While  the salmon may push the rainbows out of their traditional lies, they remain available to anglers throughout  the month who are willing to put in just a bit more effort.  
  • August
    Coho salmon begin their run into the Alagnak river early in August and while the peek of this run is less predictable than for other salmon historically it occurs about the 21st of the month. The river continues to see additional chum salmon during in August and on even numbered years pink salmon show up giving anglers added action particularly on light tackle.
  • September - Mid October
    Fall is a special time on the rivers and streams of the Bristol bay region and the Alagnak river is no different.  In September the angling for rainbow trout and grayling can be as spectacular as the colors of fall. This is the time when many anglers long to visit Alaska in search of rainbow trout fattened up by a summer of gorging upon salmon eggs and flesh.  Our fall trips feature a comfortable heated lodge tent for dining and gathering to swap stories about the days fishing for rainbow trout or salmon on the Alagnak river.

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