2015 Guest Reviews ~ Williams

To friends at Alaska Rainbow Adventures, my husband and I shared a great week of floating on the Kanektok River. September 9-17th, 2015. We have dreamed of being out in the uninhabited areas of Alaska so we could experience the un spoiled country side. This float was 90 + miles and was GREAT. I was the only lady on the trip-Paul Hansen and his staff worked very hard to see that I was comfortable and accommodate-to include, Paul quickly setting up our tent on a very cold and wet afternoon.




My husband and I are both passed retirement age-that level of concern and care was certainly appreciated by myself and husband. The tents and rafts were first rate and safe. I was very surprised by the excellent food provided and a good time was had by all telling stories of the day's fishing and wildlife observed. Example-A very large Grizzly Bear galloping powerfully up the creek side.





Fishing was special, as the silvers and char were in their spawning colors-both beautiful, plentiful and aggressive in their taking of flies and the fight after being hooked-truly a memorable experience.
















I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to float again-would hope other ladies would be interested-you can have a rewarding time with Alaska Rainbow Adventures. You can count on Paul Hansen and his staff of guides to provide a safe, courteous and professional float trip that you will enjoy.






Our guide was supper-Hopi Salomon-master with the raft oars, super guide and boat companion. Special thanks to Hopi. We will certainly want to come again.


Thank you Paul Hansen and great guides of Alaska Rainbow Adventures.


Evelyn and Alfred Williams


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