2015 Guest Reviews ~ Ray ~ Talachulitna River

Guides Note: Over the last two winters we have seen little to no significant snow accumulation around much of Alaska and this made for some lower then what we might consider "normal" conditions on the rivers around Alaska this is one such story ...


Our trip down the Talachulitna River was memorable in many ways. All good, just some not as good as others, but overall it was very positive. As it turned out our timing was not the best, although no one could have been faulted - our intent was to fish for silvers, so we chose a week in August that should have produced good numbers of fish, and it did.


Talachulitna River Alaska


Unfortunately, the water in the river was very low, so we did spend considerable time pulling our rafts through rocky shallows. It was tricky maneuvering with slippery rocks and sometimes conflicting currents. The worst part of this, however, was that the time spent negotiating the low water ate into our fishing time. At the end of each day, though, we had a few hours to wet lines and catch fish.


Talachulitna River Rainbow Trout Alaska


Our guides, Paul and Jim, did well in putting us on silvers and instructed us in (at least for me) a new technique of beading for rainbows. And on a couple of occasions, I was lucky enough to latch onto a rainbow on the infamous mouse pattern.



The most productive day turned out to be the last one before flying out. We emerged at the mouth of the Tal where silvers were stacked up in the cool, clear water mingling with the glacial silt in the Skwentna River. The fish were eager to hit our streamers so we had no shortage of action that evening. All in all, a very enjoyable excursion.



Alaska Float Talachulitna River


Ray Varney




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